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  • VideoAI-Driven Search
    I just dusted off the login here to realize I hadn't posted in about a half-year & figured it was time to write another one. 😉 Yandex Source Code Leak Some of Yandex's old source code was leaked, and few cared about the ranking factors shared in the leak. Mike... Read more »
  • New Google Ad Labeling
    TechCrunch recently highlighted how Google is changing their ad labeling on mobile devices. A few big changes include: ad label removed from individual ad units where the unit-level label was instead becomes a favicon a "Sponsored" label above ads the URL will show right of the favicon & now the... Read more »
  • Google Helpful Content Update
    Granular Panda Reading the tea leaves on the pre-announced Google "helpful content" update rolling out next week & over the next couple weeks in the English language, it sounds like a second and perhaps more granular version of Panda which can take in additional signals, including how unique the page... Read more »
  • Automating Ourselves Out of Existence
    Time has grown more scarce after having a child, so I rarely blog anymore. Though I thought it probably made sense to make at least a quarterly(ish) post so people know I still exist. One of the big things I have been noticing over the past year or so is... Read more »
  • Engineering Search Outcomes
    Kent Walker promotes public policies which advantage the Google monopoly. His role doing that means he has to write some really bad hot takes that lack context or intentionally & dishonestly redirect attention away from core issues - that's his job. With that in mind, his most recent blog post... Read more »
  • Review
    Background / Intro One of my longtime friends who was Internet marketing long before I was hit me up on Skype about a week ago praising I have to think long and hard about any other time he has really pitched or recommended something like that & really I... Read more »
  • SEMrush IPO (SEMR)
    On Wednesday SEMrush priced their IPO at $14 a share & listed Thursday. There have been many marketing and online advertising companies which are publicly traded, but few that were so focused specifically on SEO while having a sizeable market cap. According to this SeekingAlpha post at the IPO price... Read more »

    White Peak

  • Image SEO: Optimizing Images for SEO Like a Rockstar
    Everyone wants to give their website the attention it deserves. If you have the same goal, image SEO should definitely be on your radar. According to recent research, over 90% of all web traffic comes from images. This number is too significant to ignore.  But don’t be too overwhelmed by... Read more »
  • No Impressions on Google Ads: 12 of The Most Common Causes
    Google is still one of the largest and most effective display ad networks in the world, even though display ads have been dropping off year over year. Relying on them as a business is tricky, both because of the increasing dangers of ads and the increasing prevalence of ad blockers.... Read more »
  • 5 eCommerce Innovations You Should Take Advantage Of
    Digital commerce is a way of life for most businesses these days. It’s rare that a business can survive without a web presence, and those that do fall into two categories: a high-end luxury that has no need of indirect marketing methods or hyper-local individual businesses with no ambitions of... Read more »
  • Choosing an Amazing and Powerful Domain Name for Your New Venture
    If your startup wants to succeed, you must be ready to enter more parts of your market and open your business to reach more customers. And you can achieve both of these by taking your business online.  To give your business a solid footing in the online market, it’s advisable... Read more »
  • Proprietary Website vs WordPress: What Are the Pros and Cons?
    Decades ago, if you wanted to have a website, the process was complex and arcane. You had to find one of the few companies that offered web hosting, buy a domain name from a registrar, and code up a website all on your own. You might use raw HTML in... Read more »