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  • Engineering Search Outcomes
    Kent Walker promotes public policies which advantage the Google monopoly. His role doing that means he has to write some really bad hot takes that lack context or intentionally & dishonestly redirect attention away from core issues - that's his job. With that in mind, his most recent blog post... Read more »
  • Review
    Background / Intro One of my longtime friends who was Internet marketing long before I was hit me up on Skype about a week ago praising I have to think long and hard about any other time he has really pitched or recommended something like that & really I... Read more »
  • SEMrush IPO (SEMR)
    On Wednesday SEMrush priced their IPO at $14 a share & listed Thursday. There have been many marketing and online advertising companies which are publicly traded, but few that were so focused specifically on SEO while having a sizeable market cap. According to this SeekingAlpha post at the IPO price... Read more »
  • VideoThe Wrong People Won
    Chasing New Markets My initial attraction toward SEO and the web was largely that it was like a new and parallel world that bypassed many traditional gatekeepers. I wrote an ebook which originally had inconsistent formatting and it was riddled with spelling and grammar errors. I learned to write by... Read more »
  • Apple Search
    Google, Google, Google For well over a decade Google has dominated search to where most stories in the search sphere were about Google or something on the periphery. In 2019 Google generated $134.81 billion in ad revenues. When Verizon bought core Yahoo three years ago the final purchase price was... Read more »
  • Overcoming Webmaster Depression
    This year is a rather easy year to be depressed. 😉 COVID-19, fearmongering media, polarized hyper-charged social media, mass unemployment, lockdowns that killed exercise routines and social connections, loss of hope / purpose / meaning, a guy who stuck a gun in the belly area of a pregnant woman overdosing... Read more »
  • Declining Visitor Values
    Late Funnel SEO Profits Before the Panda update SEOs could easily focus almost all their energies on late funnel high-intent searches which were easy to monetize without needing to put a ton of effort into brand building or earlier funnel informational searches. This meant that SEOs could focus on phrases... Read more »
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