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  • HTML Sitemaps
    Is it a good idea to include an HTML site map in your homepage footer? Working on a site with a lot of orphaned pages and my team either wants to add an HTML site map or just add links... Read more »
  • Need help with keyword search
    Boss wanted me to research on how many people from different parts of the USA, Australia and Africa to name a few are actively searching for a bunch of keywords he has given me. I had used google trends to... Read more »
  • Ranking positions don't match
    I hope this question is not too simplistic: checking my Search Console, I see that I'm ranking 14 for a keyword. However, when searching that keyword on Google and manually verifying the position, I can't find my website in the... Read more »
  • Multiple location problems
    Added a second location to my roofing business in the next county over. It’s a physical location. Google is saying it’s against their guidelines. I have a different number for each location as well as hooked up a city service... Read more »
  • How are you outcompeting pre-existing articles that are ranking?
    I used to do a SERP analysis, a huge part of which was taking the top 5 relevant ranking articles and doubling their average word count. With quality content of course. This worked for my previous niche. However, I now... Read more »
  • Monetizing a ranking site (asking for ideas)
    We have an old insurance website that ranks well. It brings in decent traffic. Unfortunately the traffic isn't targetted at what we want - leads. Instead, it's people looking for info on their old/defunct policies. Getting 20-30 calls a day... Read more »
  • Is there any way of seeing Point in Time for backlinks to a page in Google Search Console
    It provides the total number of linking sites, but was hoping to see what that number was, say three months ago. Is this possible anywhere within Console or will I need SEMRush to do something like that ? submitted... Read more »
  • How on earth do I rank in Bing????
    For some reason I am getting about 52K traffic from Google per month (GSC stats) but almost zero from Bing. If I search keywords in Bing, mine appears rarely and that too somewhere in page 4-5. ISSUE: Page 1 -... Read more »
  • Should search results data be normalised?
    tl;dr: Can/should Google Search Console data be normalised against the total number of Google searches on a given date? Search Results Performance on Google Search Console dips for my company every weekend. That's not surprising at all, we're in the... Read more »
  • Why does google remove my sites?
    I have 2 Questions Question 1: I've got a site called synonymisch "." de which is a site that provides synonyms in german. The problem is that google is removing my indexes. Does anyone have a clue on why google... Read more »
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